Easy DIY for Upcycled Tin Can Lanterns

Hello everyone!

Do you too have tons of cans lying around? Either you have been wanting to go recycle them or you have been hoping for a fun and useful DIY?

Today I will be sharing with you how to make beautiful tin can lanterns. This is a really nice DIY because you are upcycling something that usually just gets tossed once it’s empty. This of course is not exactly ideal for the environment, so why not use it to make something beautiful that you can portray around your home!

Watch the video below to see how you too can easily make this beautiful piece of decor.

Tin Can Lanterns

How did you like the video? Have you tried making these at home before?

I am excited for all your feedback!

XOXO Chili

DIY Tin Can Lanterns Pin

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