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Welcome to my blog, and specifically this about me section! I am so happy that you made your way here! My name is Celina (similar to the “gelina” in Angelina), but I go by Chili. I am married to my husband Yves and we have two wonderful daughters. We have one dog, two cats, and two very cute bunnies. This blog was created to share our adventures, memories, and experiences with the world.

Documenting our lives can help our loved ones keep updated on what we’re up to. From family trips to daily routines, I want to share it all with you. My blog is a place where I can be myself, have fun, and connect with others who share my interests.

In addition to sharing our experiences, I also hope to inspire others to create memories with their own families. For example, trying a fresh recipe, taking a trip to a new city, or just spending quality time together. Because, I believe that family time is the most important time.

When clicking on my YouTube links, you might get a little confused about the amount of subscribers and video views. Over a decade (!) ago I was a moderately successful YouTuber, it paid the bills. However, with life happening, I stopped taking care of my channel and out the whole thing on ice for years. I purposely decided to keep my name, randomlychili, the same though, because it wonderfully mirrors me as a person and I have some things on my YouTube that I would like to reuse now.

I am so excited to have you join me on this journey and can’t wait to share memories with you. Thanks for stopping by!


About Me

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